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Paidy is the fastest way to checkout with just a phone number
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The Paidy Advantage

No Sign-up

No sign-up is required to use Paidy. You can instantly checkout using your email address and phone number.

Shop Today, Pay Later

A month of shopping, all collected in a single bill. Your bill is available on the 1st of the next month.

Pay Anywhere

You can easily settle your bill at convenience stores, bank ATMs or by bank transfer.

Split Payments

With Paidy, you can split purchases into monthly payments. Paidy makes bigger purchases easier, while managing your monthly cash flow.

How to Checkout with Paidy


Select Paidy at checkout.


Enter your phone number and email address.


Input the PIN sent by SMS.


You're done! Your order is on its way.

How to Settle Your Bill


Shop online with Paidy all month.


View your total spending on the Paidy website at anytime.


Your bill arrives by email and SMS at the start of the next month.


Pay at convenience stores, bank ATMs or by bank transfer.


Paidy FAQ


How do I pay my Paidy balance?


Your bill for this month's Paidy purchases is available on your myPaidy account page from the 1st of the following month. You'll also receive a SMS and email reminder between the 1st and 3rd.
You can pay your bill at a convenience store, bank ATM or via bank transfer.
There are details on how to pay at supported convenient stores, with bank ATM or via bank transfer on myPaidy and in your email reminder.


How do I pay at a convenience store?


Each month's SMS and email reminder links to instructions on how to pay at supported convenience stores. Pay at the convenience store terminal following our step-by-step instructions.


How do I get my bill?


You'll never see a paper bill from Paidy. Bills appear on the 1st of each month in your myPaidy account. We'll send you a reminder email and SMS between the 1st and 3rd of each month.
Your spending is also updated in real time on myPaidy, so you always know what you have spent.


How do I pay in installments?


When checking out, select the installment option. You can also select installment payments from your myPaidy account after checkout.
Paying by installment is available for purchases of ¥15,000 or more at select merchants.

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