Shoppers Love Paidy Checkout, You Will Too

Paidy increases conversions, attracts new shoppers to your website, and is 100% guaranteed.

better conversion rates

of Paidy users are new

shoppers for online stores

increase in AOV

more repeat purchases

*According to a survey by Paidy

How Paidy Works

Paidy lets shoppers checkout at your website using only an email address and phone number, verified by SMS. No signup required.

Paidy guarantees full payment from all checkouts allowing you to ship immediately.

Shoppers settle their bill once a month, or over time in installments.


Paidy by the Numbers

shoppers can shop with Paidy instantly

A phone number and email is all shoppers need to use Paidy.
No pre-registration or approval period.

online stores use Paidy

Paidy is used by major brands and online stores with more joining each day, giving shoppers a fast and convenient checkout.

*As of 2016 Jul

Why Shoppers Choose Paidy

No Sign-up

No sign-up is required to use Paidy. You can instantly checkout using your email address and phone number.

Shop Today, Pay Later

A month of shopping, all collected in a single bill. Your bill is available on the 1st of the next month.

Pay Anywhere

You can easily settle your bill at convenience stores, bank ATMs or by bank transfer.

Split Payments

With Paidy, you can split purchases into monthly payments. Paidy makes bigger purchases easier, while managing your monthly cash flow.

How Paidy Supports Your Business

Guaranteed Payments

Paidy payments are 100% guaranteed so you can ship immediately.

One Simple Fee

With Paidy there is only a fixed commission ― no sign-up fees, no monthly fees, nothing extra.

Easy Refunds

Refund shoppers directly to their Paidy accounts, just like a credit card.

Browsers Become Buyers

Paidy Checkout makes getting your first sale from a shopper even easier.

Case Studies

Shoplist's management company Crooz has a "user first" motto. In working on strengthening our offered brands and distribution infrastructure, we considered a number of policy improvements. We especially put effort into improving our checkout methods, and Paidy helped us acquire even more new customers.


Our color contact lens site "Luvlit" had a serious problem with order cancellations using covenience store payment. Since introducing Paidy, 20% of customers now select it at checkout, and our convenience store prepayment cancellation rate has dropped.



Easy Implementation

Paidy's API is simple and integrates with your existing website, so shoppers stay on your site all the way through checkout when using Paidy.

Paidy Works with These Partners and Platforms

  • Veritrans
  • MakeShop
  • BBF
  • Stores.JP
  • EC-Orenge
  • Cagolab

Stores Growing with Paidy

  • fril
  • DreamV
  • Lense Apple
  • fifth
  • langelique
  • Green Funding
  • canvath
  • Luvlit

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