QA Engineer


About Paidy Inc.

Paidy was founded with the mission to create a world of “We remove the barriers, embrace simplicity”, offering its real-time monthly consolidated credit service all across Japan.

Paidy started Japan’s first instant post-pay credit service for ecommerce consumers in October 2014. Paidy requires no pre-registration or credit card to use; Paidy consumers purchase products online using only a mobile phone number and email address (verification is established though a four-digit code via SMS or voice pin-code) and settle a single monthly bill for all their purchases, either at a convenience store, by bank transfer or auto debit. Paidy also supports multi-pay installments and subscriptions. There are currently over 1,500,000 Paidy accounts in use (August 2018). Paidy has proved a powerful means of persuading first time buyers to transact online. Its proprietary models and machine learning

mean that transactions are underwritten in seconds, with guaranteed payment to merchants.

Paidy increases merchant revenues by reducing incomplete transactions, increasing conversion rates, boosting average order values, and facilitating easy repeat buying.

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About Infrastructure and Corporate IT

Infrastructure and Corporate IT is responsible for Paidy’s corporate Infrastructure and focuses with the aim to handle all the infrastructure demands, QA, support projects and provide Paidy’s customers a secure production environment. There are 3 teams within Infrastructure focused on Office IT, QA, and Production Operation.

The Infrastructure and Corporate IT consists of 12 talented members from various experience background and nationalities. The QA Team consist of 3 members and this role (QA Engineer) is part of QA Team.

Position Overview / Purpose of your role

Paidy Inc, is growing rapidly and we are working on creating Industry standard Testing capabilities, with Test automation framework, Manual Test case repository, automating tests using CI Pipeline capability, etc. with technically qualified engineers to meet the growing demand.

This role is expected to support building these capabilities with engineering mindset and futuristic approach.


Your Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Paidy prefers candidates currently in Japan, but negotiable if willing for Remote work on Japan hours
  • Pre-interview questions: Please make sure to answer these questions below.
  1. Current Location
  2. Test Automation Experience (years/number)
  3. Test Automation with Python Experience (years/number)


As QA Engineer your primary responsibility will be to;

  • Create,update and maintain tests in the existing Automation framework and Manual Test repository
  • Create update and follow up issues,defects and clarifications within and outside QA team
  • Run regression tests and track results on demand in a standardized way.
  • Ensure the requirements traceability of tests created by the team.
  • Participate in QA Sprint meetings to plan and prioritize test activities.
  • Constantly learn and suggest improvements within the team
  • Work with new industry standard test tools on a trial basis and make recommendations to the team on improvement areas.

Your skills and experience

  • Degree Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent
  • Experience in cross-functional and cross-cultural environments
  • Experience in testing with one or multiple high-level languages (e.g. Scala, Python, Ruby, …)
  • Experience in testing API based financial systems
  • Experience in working with cloud based environments
  • Enjoy being a generalist working on anything it takes to solve problems and delight users both internally and externally
  • Willingness to learn and teaching best practices
  • Passionate about hunting down issues, or even better, anticipating them
  • Like learning new things and are not afraid to jump in to support any solutions
  • You not only care about correctness through tests, but also about performance through benchmarks
  • Business Level English

Nice to have:

  • Experience working in security-sensitive environments
  • Business level Japanese Language capability


Paidy Value

Candidates must be able to demonstrate affinity with the Paidy core values:

Diversity & Inclusion: Respect all of human beings, focus on our potentials and leverage our differences

Self-starter: Proactively demonstrate ownership, motivate and reflect ourselves

Customer-driven: Identify solutions based on what customers need

Openness: Be open to feedback and constructively critical

Visionary: See the big picture and make the impossible, possible

Expertise: Be learning animals, be hungry for new things and keep growing

Resilience: No hesitation to be bold, take risks and make mistakes everyday