Paidy is a fast and secure way to check out online. Your customers can easily make purchases using only an email address and phone number. No lengthy sign-up. No cumbersome credit card input. In addition, we take on 100% of the repayment and buyer fraud risk. And, because Paidy guarantees full payment, it allows you to ship the goods to the customer immediately.

The Paidy solution comprises Paidy Checkout and the Paidy API. Paidy Checkout is used to authorize and create the payment. After that, the Paidy API is used to manage the payment.

Ready to get started?

On this site, you will find all the information you need to integrate Paidy Checkout at your webstore and use Paidy to create and manage payments.

STEP 1: Integrate Paidy Checkout

Paidy Checkout handles user authentication, payment authorization, and payment creation. With just a few clicks, customers can check out and receive a loan decision. Paidy’s streamlined checkout experience is especially convenient for mobile visitors.

A simple integration process gets you up and running quickly, enabling you to start accepting Paidy payments at your online store!

var config = {
	"api_key": "YourAccessTokenHere",
	"logo_url": "",
	"closed": function(callbackData){
var paidyHandler = Paidy.configure(config); 
$("#auth-btn").click(function() {
  var payload = {
    "merchant_data": {
      "store": "Test Store",
      "customer_age": 26,
      "last_order": 215,
      "last_order_amount": 3500.0,
      "known_address": false,
      "num_orders": 2,
      "ltv": 100.0,
      "ip_address": ""
    "buyer": {
      "name": "山田 太郎",
      "name2": "ヤマダ タロウ",
      "dob": "1990-10-25",
      "email": {
        "address": ""
      "address": {
        "address1": "3-16-26",
        "address2": "六本木",
        "address3": "港区",
        "address4": "東京都",
        "postal_code": "106-0032"
      "phone": {
        "number": "09087654321"
    "order": {
      "items": [{
        "item_id": "1",
        "title": "アイテム1",
        "amount": 1000.0,
        "quantity": 1
      }, {
        "item_id": "2",
        "title": "アイテム2",
        "amount": 1500.0,
        "quantity": 2
      "tax": 300.0,
      "shipping": 500.0,
      "total_amount": 4800.0,
      "order_ref": "YourOrderrefHere"
    "options": {
      "authorize_type": "extended"
    "checksum": "YourChecksumHere",
  return false;

STEP 2: Use the Paidy API

Once the payment is created, you use the Paidy API to easily and securely manage payments. The API provides endpoints for you to capture, refund, close, update, or retrieve a payment.