Paidy is a fast and secure way to check out online. Your consumers can easily make purchases using only an email address and phone number. No lengthy sign-up. No cumbersome credit card input. In addition, we take on 100% of the repayment and buyer fraud risk. And, because Paidy guarantees full payment, it allows you to ship the goods to the consumer immediately.

Paidy provides a simple, secure, and flexible way to handle payments at your webstore. You can use Paidy to accept standard payments and subscription payments.

A standard payment is a one-time purchase. Standard payments are authorized and created via Paidy Checkout. With just a few clicks, a consumer can check out and receive a loan decision. If successful, Paidy creates the payment, which can then be captured or managed via the Paidy API.

A subscription payment is a recurring payment that is charged at a set interval, as agreed to with the consumer. Subscription payments are implemented using tokens. Tokens are also created via Paidy Checkout. Once the token is created, a new subscription payment (using that token) can be created via the API. Once a payment is created, it is captured and managed in the same way as a standard payment.

Getting started

On this site, you will find all the information you need to quickly and easily integrate Paidy at your webstore.